Breaking News - Active October


Active October is a month for everyone in Minchinhampton to commit to being more healthy, whether that be through exercise or healthy eating. The Minchinhampton Surgery Charitable Trust is sponsoring a month when clubs and classes are generously offering free or reduced prices to join them. There is something here for everyone so do make the most of this exciting new initiative and contact any of the instructors to find out more.“The first wealth is health”. The scheme will run again in October 2014 - more news soon.


Active October was launched at the Minchinhampton Country Fayre on 14.9.13 with an information stall

and this amazing inflatable from The Fifth Dimension. Go on get active!!


Other News

Have you heard about MOT 75? This is an exciting new project we have set up to provide support and guidance for those of you over the age of 75. We have hired award-winning carer Kerry-Ann Lees to help get the project off the ground. Over the next few months she will be contacting a select group of you by phone or by post. She will help you gain access to any support that you need. We hope that the project will be a success and we can roll it out to everyone over the age of 75 years. If you want further information about the project then Kerry-Ann would be happy to hear from you. The best way to contact her is by email on or you can write to her care of the surgery.

The Healthy Living Centre runs at The Hub on Tobacconist Road every Tuesday from 10am to midday and incorporates a new class for the over 60s which is a Social Event with Health Benefits for £3 a session when you can regain and extend active life (seated and standing options).  


Minchinhampton Surgery Charitable Trust

Charity No 1125063


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Chairman Mr Bernard Dunkley

Honorary Secretary Mr David Forbes

Honorary Treasurer Mrs Farimah Englefield

Mrs Kate Eaglestone

Mrs Marjorie Condie

Mrs Anne Neal

Dr David Pouncey and Dr Andy Simpson




We have set up this charitable trust to enhance the services available at Minchinhampton Surgery.   Our vision is to integrate top quality NHS general practice with the best available complementary and physical therapies, all under one roof.   Why travel to Stroud for physiotherapy when you could have it at the surgery in a purpose built gym and rehabilitation centre? We would like Chiropractic treatment, acupuncture and art therapy all available in the surgery.      


The trustees of the charity are made up of patients and GPs.  We have regular trustee meetings and have a registered Trust Deed that is available on request.  If you would like to get involved with the Trust please let us know.

What next?

We would like to build a new surgery in Minchinhampton to replace the present surgery at Bell Lane. We have no space to expand at Bell Lane, barely any parking and inadequate facilities for the disabled.    A new surgery will be financed by the NHS but is an opportunity to add in new facilities and services that could be funded by the Trust. 

A Healthy Living Centre

We want to promote health rather than just treat disease and have a vision to set up a Healthy Living Centre.   This will allow us to promote good health as well as rehabilitating ill people.   Your donation will really make a difference.

What do you want?

What new services would you like to see at Minchinhampton Surgery?   Please let us know what you would like in the new surgery.   This is an opportunity to start new services and to try to move existing NHS services that at present are only available in Stroud or Gloucester to the new surgery.  Please write to Dr Andy Simpson at the surgery or email

Why donate to the Trust?

The Trust will use the money donated to build the additional “trust wing” of the new surgery and then to run the additional services in the new surgery.  Minchinhampton is a wonderful place to live and deserves the best 21st Century Surgery.

How to donate?

Please make cheques payable to Minchinhampton Surgery Charitable Trust.  We would like to apply for GIFT Aid on donations, the Gift Aid forms can be collected from the surgery reception.   Alternatively just click on the button to donate online:



Our Fundraising Launch at Chavenage House 25.2.11 in the presence of HRH The Princess Royal

The Princess Royal with the Lord Lieutenant Dame Janet Trotter and our Chair of Trustees Bernard Dunkley and Dr David Pouncey

Photographer Rupert Marlow

Our special advisor Mr John Hazelwood CBE with Mr Bob Oldmeadow

Col Lowsley-Williams kindly donated the use of Chavenage House for the function

Mr Nick Hurst the chairman of the Parish Council with Mrs Sue Collingwood and the Rev Dr Chris Collingwood, Mr Rod Marlow and Mrs Kathy Hurst

Dr Chris Booth who retired from the surgery in 1997 with Mrs E Driver and in the background Mr David Driver with Mrs Sheila Booth

The Chair of the PCT Mrs Ruth FitzJohn with Mrs Rowena Stapleton and Mr Nigel Stapleton

 Mr Alastair Hignell CBE and Mrs Jeannie Hignell and our trustee Mrs Kate Eaglestone

Our Honorary Secretary Mr David Forbes with Mrs Kathy Hurst

Ms Rachel Felton (physiotherapist) Dr David Pouncey, Dr Susie Weir, Dr Annemarie Marlow, Mrs Carol Stonham (lead practice nurse) Mr Adrian Lyster (acupuncturist) and Ms Sue Collins (art therapist)


see our practice website at

Contact us on 01453 883793

This website is in the process of construction - much more information available soon.

Dr Susie Weir, Dr David Pouncey, Dr Andy Simpson, Dr Anne Cain and Prof Mike Thomas outside Minchinhampton Surgery, our new partners Dr Hein le Roux and Dr Pippa Xerri will appear here soon.

Prof Thomas has left the partnership to become a Professor of Primary Care Research at Southampton University.  He will continue to work one day a week at the surgery on an associate basis.  Our new partner is Dr Pippa Xerri.